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We chose a DOTX file we had handy, chose a new name and destination for the converted file, and clicked Convert. Almost immediately we got a message stating that the conversion was complete, and the new DOCX file opened in Word automatically. The program has no Help file, but that's OK; if you understand that you need to convert from a DOT file to a DOC file, there's really not much else you need to know. DOTX to DOCX Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Ver 5100 Driver isn't fancy, but if you need to perform this specific task, it can be a lifesaver. Benchmarking your hard disks tells you how fast they transfer data. There's no shortage of free benchmarking tools, but most of them run a single specific test that often doesn't tell you much about how your disks perform in a real-world situation, such as copying large files and even whole directories. Disk Bench is a free benchmarking tool that lets you choose which files or folders to copy. It then copies the data, benchmarks the speed, and deletes the copied data from the destination, though you can also keep the copied data. It also creates test files with a repeating 128-byte string, which is a preferred method for benchmarking a single disk, as well as batch files for testing. People sometimes don't exercise the best judgment when exchanging personal photos and messages. Human nature being what it is, the answer isn't to stop doing it, but rather to use software to do a better job of hiding it. Our Secret is a free tool that lets you attach, hide, and unhide images, videos, songs, and other files to send to "that special someone" who has the password to unhide the files. While it seems to be the perfect solution for classroom note-passing, it can hide and unhide any private or sensitive files or messages. But before you hit Send, just remember all those politicians caught literally with their pants down due to attachments they thought would remain private. We found that the fastest way to create notes is with the hot keys, though we'd like to see a shell context menu for Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Ver 5100 Driver Notes, which would let users create a new note quickly while using the mouse. Since you can paste stuff into Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Ver 5100 Driver Notes just as easily as you can type it (more easily, sometimes), it would be a time-saver. We quickly created a sequence of notes, which Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Ver 5100 Driver Notes presented in cascading order, each with a different background color--a nice option that makes it easy to distinguish notes. The Notes Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Ver 5100 Driver is a simple gridded display giving quick access to all our notes. The online Help file is actually one of the better ones we've seen, and we've seen them all. PC Sleep is a free sleep timer for your computer. You can leave your computer and PC Sleep will safely perform the selected function in the entered amount of time with no effort on your part. A noticeable pop-up window will appear when there is one minute left on the timer. The same window will pop-up if no time is selected; giving you 30 seconds to stop the timer before PC Sleep executes the selected function. This utility is particularly good for long downloads where you would like your computer to shut down after a certain amount of hours, playing music before you go to bed, or any other reason you might need PC Sleep to perform its functions while you're away from your computer. As we noted, Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Ver 5100 Driver Portable is free for home and academic users, though the software does present a nag screen that advises that some of the features of the freeware will become disabled after a time to encourage you to purchase the standard edition. Freeware that stops working or loses features if you don't purchase it isn't freeware; it's shareware. We didn't use the program long enough to find out how compromising the changes are, though the developer claims the freeware is still "quite usable" with disabled features. We like Process Lasso, both the installed and portable versions, and we certainly recommend trying the program. Just be aware that the freeware ain't free. UMPlayer is an advanced yet simple to use open-source cross-platform multimedia player that aims to fill all your needs; with over 270 built-in Audio and Video codecs Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Ver 5100 Driver can play any media format including AAC, AC3, ASF, AVI, DIVX, FLV, H.263, Matroska, MOV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, OGG, QT, RealMedia, VOB, Vorbis, WAV, WMA, WMV, XVID as well as Audio CDs, DVDs, (S)VCDs, TV / Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Ver 5100 Driver cards, Youtube videos, SHOUTcast Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Ver 5100 Driver streams and even incomplete or damaged media files. It also comes equipped with some unique features such as a built-in subtitles search, Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Ver 5100 Driver player / recorder, SHOUTcast Belkin Wireless G Desktop Card Ver 5100 Driver player, skinable interface, customizable hotkeys, audio / subtitles sync, and many more. PhotoTrim is fully portable, running without requiring installation from virtually any location, including removable drives. It has a simple interface with two tabs, Resize Photos and Rename Files. You must add the first file in a directory; after that, clicking arrows scrolls through the batch. We loaded some images, which appeared distorted to fit the preview pane. PhotoTrim's interface made it clear the preview wasn't the final image, but the inability to present a simple preview in the original image proportions wasn't exactly reassuring, nor was the inability to configure the view. The program offers no list view or proof sheet view; you must click through a batch one by one. The program's interface is straightforward. There are five rectangular buttons representing each feature; we tried them all, and they all worked as they were supposed to. A View menu lets users select whether they want to keep the program on top, enable easy drag, and enable closing by mouse wheel click. There's also a language menu that lets users choose from 27 languages. That's about the extent of SystemCloser's features. There's no Help file, and there's absolutely no need for one as using the program couldn't be easier. Moo0 SystemCloser doesn't do much, but if you need to keep options for shutting down your computer close at hand, we suppose it's a good thing to have around. If you're looking for planning software, you have no shortage of choices, though having specific needs can help narrow things down; for instance, are you managing product development or a chain of restaurants? If it's personal planning software you're after, have a look at Pathways Planner from Freelance Wizards. It can help you set, work toward, and achieve your personal and family goals, including financial planning, time management, and estimating progress toward planned outcomes. The program's methodology emphasizes goal setting and rational decision-making processes. Pathways is free for personal use, but you have to register to continue using it past its 30-day trial period. Prophecy Expert is an interesting concept; it's a free Bible study program with a desktop interface that imports Web-based content, including many commentaries and references as well as social networking and other interactive features. It's provided by Minister Fortson, aka Dante Fortson, whose Web site claims to offer "a Christian perspective on angels, aliens, demons, giants, nephilim, and other supernatural phenomena." Say what you will (and who doesn't?) the Minister correc


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